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“Trainer could switch from teaching to coaching and dive into my working environment. That added tremendously to my personal development. Incredible added value! This trainer is applicable for team-building, leadership and coaching. In English! Exactly what we need for the future.”
Jürgen Gleisberg, Global OD, Televommuncation

“Mrs Mona Haug has got everything that one could ask for from an excellent trainer. Sound standing expertise, goal-oriented lessons and an intoxicating enthusiasm for learning. She quickly analysis situations and incorporates new ideas into her lessons. Therefore a fascinating lesson which meets the needs is granted. It’s a lot of fun to work with her.”
Dr.-Ing. Joachim Hutfless, Head of department, Mechanical engineering

“Coaching in English! Mrs Haug demonstrates exceedingly good analytical skills. She puts herself across very quickly in an operational situation. Even extremely difficult and complex procedures are quickly analysed and pinned down to the most essential points. Her analysis and her deriving recommendations were always absolutely correct. I look forward to our continuous cooperation.”
Engineer, Engineer with a doctoral degree, Senior Executive in the leading automotive industry

“I value Mona for her engagement and her ability to motivate and fascinate. A special talent of hers is the integration of planned training sequences into the daily business and surroundings of her business partner. That ensures dealing with what really matters. In addition – it is just fun to work with her.”
Günter Löchner, GM L-mobile solutions

“Mrs Haug is highly motivated and motivates others extraordinarily. Her main concern is always the personal benefit of the customer. She enjoys teaching in untraditional ways which add fun and joy to her lessons. It helps to study in a playful manner. One hour of jogging whilst at the same time talking in English helps body and mind to stay fit. Thank you for that. I would like to recommend Mrs Haug to everyone who wants to develop themselves and their English skills efficiently”.
Ingo Engel, GM, IT-Consulting

“Mona Haug motivates me to do the things in life that I’ve always wanted to do. The courses are terrific. We received a lot of excellent tips for our daily business life. In addition, we had good and lively discussions. Very valuable lessons and I’m always up for another course.”
Karin Napoletano

“I like everything that the trainer offers. She is always able to motivate people, even when they think that there is no light at the end of the tunnel. She is just ingenious!”
Heike Knoll, secretary, Telecommunication

“With such a dynamic trainer learning can be fun! She unconditionally believes in her pupils and offers colourful lessons which are interesting for everyone.”
Ilona Reinert, secretary, Telecommunication


“Mona always succeeded in meeting the participants’ expectations and in nurturing their English skills. The very relaxed and open-minded atmosphere encouraged even the English beginners to actively participate in the lively discussions, just as the advanced learners were also able to profit from it. The newly gained English confidence now eases the daily work of all participants in our multi-national company!”
Martin Dillenburger, Senior Engineer, Telecommunication

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( Southkorea, Japan, USA, Italy, France, Sweden, England, Germany, Spain)

Dear Mona, thank you very much for your nice words.
It was my first office manager meeting so I was a bit worried about it. You made it easy, familiar and you created a really warm atmosphere. I feel more confident and I think that we can really learn from each other if we are open with the world. Thank you again.
Maria Covelli, Italy

Thank you so much for a very interesting and enjoyable session! Your engaging session made us relaxed and made everyone open up and join in. Great to have the presentation to go back to!
Hanna Valfridsson, Sweden

Thank you Mona – this is really helpful.
And thank you for a brilliant presentation, I have taken a lot from it and I will enjoy putting it in to practice!
Participant from England