Executive coaching,
Team-Coaching &
Strategic coaching

Executive coaching, team coaching and strategic coaching each represent effective approaches that serve to support executives, teams and organizations holistically. You will support them in realizing their full potential and achieving outstanding performance, while at the same time keeping an eye on the strategic goals of the company.

Our methodical approach to coaching is based on the established principles of Carl Rogers, a recognized personality in psychology and a pioneer of the person-centered approach. The focus of our work is always the client, for whom we create a safe and supportive environment to enable and promote individual growth and professional development.

Dr. Mona Haug

Managing Director

Executive coaching

In the area of management coaching, we support managers in order to deepen their management skills, optimize their personal effectiveness and fill their management position with the greatest possible effectiveness. Together we develop tailor-made approaches to conflict resolution, improvement of internal and external communication and promotion of a constructive and positive corporate culture. Our goal is to support executives to increase their performance and achieve their goals.


In our team coaching, we work closely with the teams to optimize their collaborative dynamics and cooperation. Together we identify individual strengths and collective potential, establish an atmosphere of trust, improve internal communication and design common goals and strategies. This process enables the teams to increase their performance and achieve excellent results together.

Strategic coaching

We strengthen the strategic thinking and actions of management teams and individual managers. Together we clarify the strategic orientation, improve decision-making processes, develop innovative solutions and increase overall performance. Our focus is on defining strategic goals, realizable solutions and a positive corporate culture. We pay special attention to recognizing risks, opportunities and creating win-win situations. Our goal is to successfully align your organization, to strengthen its performance in the long term and to enable you to act successfully in a changing environment.

Holistic approach

With our expert support and an inclusive approach, companies are able to optimize their performance, increase employee retention and achieve sustainable success. If you have made the decision to proactively address your challenges and unleash your full potential, we invite you to get in touch with us. Together we can lay the foundation for a successful future.

Turn challenges into successes

High analytical skills

Thanks to our strong analytical skills, we are able to quickly penetrate complex situations and identify the essential challenges. Our empathetic approach enables us to establish trust-based relationships and gain a deep understanding of our clients’ specific needs.

Solution-oriented approach

Our solution-focused approach enables the targeted implementation of tailor-made coaching interventions to achieve defined goals. We attach particular importance to a strategically oriented approach in order to ensure sustainable changes with a long-term effect.

added value

The decisive value of our executive, team and strategic coaching lies in the effective management and solution of individual and team-based challenges. Managers are given the opportunity to deepen their management skills, optimize their decision-making processes and effectively motivate their teams. Teams, on the other hand, benefit from increased collaboration, improved communication dynamics and a clearly defined alignment towards common goals. Our Strategic Coaching adds an extra dimension by helping to strengthen strategic thinking and action across the organization.


Organizational culture and collaboration analytics – essential tools for sustained organizational performance and effective team dynamics.

Culture and collaboration analysis is an integral part of what we do and aims to help organizations tackle complex challenges.

Dr. Mona Haug

Managing Director

Methods & Techniques

Our analyzes offer you tailor-made solutions for your individual challenges. Our focus is on a holistic view, in which we take into account both the organizational framework and the interpersonal dynamics within your company. In doing so, we help to improve your working environment, strengthen employee loyalty, increase efficiency and ultimately make your company more successful.

Added Value

Our project analysis offers you decisive added value by developing targeted solutions for your individual challenges. We understand that every business is unique and has specific issues that need to be resolved. With our in-depth analysis, we help you to optimize your work processes, strengthen team dynamics, identify areas for action and successfully implement possible restructuring measures.


Our professional and analytical approach gives you well-founded insights that enable you to take targeted measures to improve your situation. Our professional and analytical approach gives you well-founded insights that enable you to take targeted measures to improve your situation.


The results of our project analyzes are diverse and range from a significant improvement in your work processes and team dynamics to the successful implementation of restructuring measures. Our solutions are tailored to your specific needs and challenges, enabling you to make lasting improvements.

Step by Step …

Areas with development potential

Through our analyzes we identify areas with development potential. With a well-founded approach, we capture the sources of your challenges and open up opportunities for growth and improvement.

Holistic approach

We take into account that both companies and projects are not only shaped by organizational structures, but also by interpersonal dynamics in teams and working groups. Our analysis includes both aspects in order to develop a holistic solution strategy.

sensible solutions

We focus on developing meaningful solutions and improvement initiatives for both leaders and teams. As your sparring partner, we stand by your side and support you in successfully implementing these initiatives.

… to Your Success

Our approach enables you to gain deep insights that enable tailored improvement actions. We are at your side to master your challenges efficiently and purposefully.

Our solution strategies are designed to achieve lasting improvements – from optimizing your operational processes to promoting leadership skills and strengthening team cohesion.

The high level of positive feedback from our satisfied clients underscores the significant added value of our analyses. We are proud to have made recognized contributions to promoting organizational success.

If you would like to take advantage of the added value of a well-founded analysis, we cordially invite you to get in touch with us. Together we will develop solution strategies that are precisely tailored to your specific requirements and goals. We look forward to working with you and making an impactful contribution to the success of your business.

Achieve your goals with our analyses!

Our Culture & Collaboration Analysis helps clients to anticipate and counteract potential crises and challenging situations by conducting a comprehensive assessment of the project in relation to these aspects.

This means that financial losses, risks and problematic developments can be identified in good time so that appropriate measures can be taken to control and ensure the success of the project.

Compliance with a state appointment

DB Engineering & Consulting

“My HR manager recommended that I contact Dr. Mona Haug – that was our lifesaver.”

In this particular case, it was a major project with a budget of 3.2 billion euros that was experiencing difficulties. The main problem was primarily in the interpersonal area, which led to significant cost increases and delays. Through a structured analysis and interviews with the team, we were able to quickly identify the challenges and work out solutions together with the team.

Our focus was on restoring motivation and strengthening team dynamics. The result was a dedicated and motivated team that successfully got the project back on track. Our work was based on best practices and proven approaches to ensure solutions were built on a solid foundation.

culture and systems analysis

DB Engineering & Consulting

“Dr. Mona Haug strengthens and improves our intercultural, leadership and organizational development”.

In another case, we conducted a comprehensive culture and systems analysis for a company struggling with challenges and imbalances. Through targeted interviews and a thorough analysis, we were able to gain a precise picture of the mood of the management staff and thus identify the main issues.

Our work was based on scientific knowledge and empirical evidence, which provided a solid basis for our analyses. The results of our project analysis enabled the company to make well-founded decisions and implement targeted measures for improvement and reorientation.

Keynote speeches on strategic thinking and action

Today’s business world requires strategic thinking and acting. Our inspiring keynote speeches offer you valuable insights and practical tools to successfully master current and future challenges.

From strategic leadership in the 21st century to systemic consulting and goal achievement, we offer you relevant knowledge and proven strategies to strengthen your company and make it sustainable.

At Dr. Mona Haug & Team, we attach great importance to results, effective solutions and customer satisfaction. Our expertise and experience in the areas of analysis, leadership and team development as well as strategic thinking enable us to develop individualized solutions for our customers.

Our goal is to help you achieve your goals and ensure your long-term success.

Dr. Mona Haug

Managing Director

Overview of the keynote speeches

With our professional support and our holistic approach, companies can increase their performance, strengthen their employee loyalty and achieve long-term success. If you are ready to face your challenges and reach your full potential, do not hesitate to contact us. Together we can set the course for a successful future.

Lead powerfully
Knorr-Bremse, München Kick-off Mentoring-Program

Personal development
Rotaract, Kassel

achieve goals (2023-2019)

crisis communication
Pharma and Construction (2022-2019)

leadership and use of power. Women (on the way) in leadership positions
VDI Women’s Network, Germany (2022-2016)

Level up motivation
Audi AG, Women’s Network, Ingolstadt, Germany

Manager 4.0
Federal Association of Evangelical Disabled Aid, Germany

Manager 4.0
Audi AG, Management, Ingolstadt, Germany

power and leadership
BSH, Dillingen, Germany

Breaking bias: Career experiences of women in business. Advancing Women in Business Organizations: New Insights and Practices Conference and Special Issue
West Lafayette, USA

Award for: Gender quotas for leadership positions: a myth or a mandate?
Poster presentation at the Annual Doctoral Researcher Symposium, Faculty of Business and Law, University of the West of England, Bristol

Breaking bias: Career experiences of women in business. Advancing Women in Business Organizations
New Insights and Practices Conference and Special Issue, West Lafayette, USA

Leadership 4.0 - Leadership in a complex area of tension
Panel Session at the ISMICT Conference in Oslo, Norway

Mentoring von erfolgreichen weiblichen und männlichen Führungskräften – Strategien und Umsetzung
Federal Building Authority, NRW, Germany

Three ways to ruin a company... - Disruption - Transformation - Stagnation" - Women in leadership
Federal Congress for Managers, Berlin, Germany

Impulses for the career development of female and male managers.
Federal Association of Evangelical Disabled Aid, Austria

Successful through mixed management teams
Audi AG Managementforum, Ingolstadt, Germany

The female challengers
Audi AG Women’s Network Ingolstadt, Germany

Women From The German Automotive Industry On Their Quest For Top Leadership Positions In The Context Of Gender Quotas Discussions.
Poster presentation at the Annual Doctoral Researcher Symposium, Faculty of Business and Law, University of the West of England, Bristol.

Schedule 2023 / 2024

You can look forward to interesting lectures and projects this year and next, and look forward to what content we will publish here:

Konferenz KCF, 28. April 2023, Berlin Forum Mobilität – The Next Move
with Martin Daum, Chairman of the Board of Management, Daimler Truck AG and Felix Bader, Labor Director ThyssenKrupp

Keynote “Strategic leadership under new auspices” followed by a panel discussion with well-known industry personalities, September 13th, 2023, VW Wolfsburg.

Am 13. September dürfen Sie sich auf ein herausragendes Event bei VW Wolfsburg freuen. Ich bin geehrt, die Keynote zum Thema ‘Strategische Führung unter neuen Vorzeichen‘ präsentieren zu dürfen. Im Anschluss wird eine spannende Podiumsdiskussion stattfinden, moderiert von Peer Schladebusch von CAI (Christen in der Automobilindustrie).

Renommierte Branchenpersönlichkeiten werden ihre Ansichten teilen: Wendelin Göbel, Sprecher des Vorstands der Wolfsburg AG, Dr. Arno Homburg, Vorstandsvorsitzender der Volkswagen Management Association und Mitglied des Aufsichtsrats der Volkswagen AG, Aline Henke, Geschäftsführende Gesellschafterin der Hankensbütteler Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH & Co. KG und Innovationsbotschafterin der IHK Lüneburg-Wolfsburg, und Nicole Mölling, Leiterin der Direktion Salzgitter der Volksbank BraWo, Mitglied AEU BS-WOB-CE. Es verspricht, ein aufschlussreicher Tag zu werden.

👉 open invitation

The renowned Professor Wieneke-Toutaoui, former head of the Technical University of Berlin-Brandenburg, and I look forward to offering you an unforgettable day in Tokyo on October 24th, 2023.


Unter der Moderation von Dr. Zimmermann und Gabriel Haug und mit fotografischer Dokumentation durch Jessica Haug, unterstützt vom VDI, den deutsch-japanischen Regierungen sowie weiteren angesehenen Organisationen, werden wir bahnbrechende Forschungsergebnisse auf dem Symposium präsentieren.

👉 open link

Change-Management & Mediation

We have extensive experience in change management and mediation and accompany organizations through change processes in order to find constructive solutions to conflicts.

Dr. Mona Haug

Managing Director

Turn conflicts into opportunities

Our primary goal is to turn conflicts into valuable opportunities for growth by demonstrating win-win situations for all stakeholders in the business world. As seasoned experts in our field, we offer tailored mediation services to help you succeed in even the most complex disputes. With our well-founded knowledge and individual solutions, we go beyond mere conflict resolution. Our goal is to build strong relationships and create long-term successful solutions. If you entrust us with your business challenges, together we will find a way to reach constructive agreements and achieve your goals.

Change Management

As dedicated sparring partners for change management, we offer you a unique combination of expertise, insights and innovative strategies to support your organization in successfully managing change. We offer you individual process support and ensure that your change initiatives are in line with your overarching goals.


In today’s fast-paced world, digitization is a crucial aspect for companies that want to remain competitive and relevant. The process of digital transformation can be challenging, but it also offers numerous opportunities for growth and innovation.

As specialized coaches focused on accompanying companies on this journey, we make our expertise available as a sparring partner to support organizations in their digital transformation aspirations.

Dr. Mona Haug

Managing Director

central focus

A central focus of our work is the development of a 'digital mindset'. We understand this to be more than simply purchasing equipment, tools and programming skills.

A digital way of thinking includes a mental attitude that actively accepts change, helps shape it and enjoys the process. By fostering an entrepreneurial and strategic mindset, we help organizations meet the demands and challenges of the digital landscape. This includes adapting to an ever-changing business environment, establishing hybrid working models, and collaborating effectively with diverse stakeholders.

partnership with companies

We support you in winning people over to digital change, not only through our support, but also through the team dynamics created. As an experienced sparring partner, we accompany you on your way to achieve a transformative change in ways of thinking and behavioral patterns. Together we will win the people in your company to actively shape and promote this digital change.

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