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Some of our valued customers are DB E&C, TANiOBIS GmbH, Bau- and Liegenschaftsbetrieb NRW, Audi AG, Europarat, DB Netz AG, TRUMPF, Ceratizit, Toyota, Porsche, Ascham Homes, Alcatel-Lucent, Thales, Immucor, Amcor Flexibles Singen GmbH, Stephanus-Stiftung, Horizon2020 [EU-Project], Roche Diagnostics GmbH, Bentley InnoMed.

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Japan Discussion Forum

Understand the important role of gender diversity in engineering

Why gender diversity matters

In our discussions, we highlighted how women in engineering are not just filling roles but are crucial drivers of innovation and business success. Their unique perspectives and problem-solving approaches are invaluable in today’s competitive and fast-evolving technical fields.
We firmly believe that the world would be better off with more women in leadership positions and greater appreciation for members of diverse teams!

My heartfelt thanks to

This event wouldn’t have been the same without the insights and efforts of everyone involved. Special thanks to:
Keynote Speakers: Prof. Kaori Hayashi , Prof. Burghilde Wieneke-Toutaoui, and Dr. Mona Haug.
UniversitiesThe University of Tokyo and Nara University, (Women’s University) for their academic insights and progressive initiatives. Sophia University for hosting us and sharing their journey towards a more inclusive academic environment.
International leaders and companiesDr. Kazuyuki Marukawa (TANIOBIS GmbH) and Joachim Baczewski (MAHLE) for adding depth with their industry perspectives.
Additional gratitude goes to the Verein Deutscher IngenieureDr. Melanie Thaler (born Zimmermann) and Prof. Wieneke-Toutaoui for their organizing efforts ( I enjoyed contributing to it), Gabriel Haug for skillful facilitation, and Jessica Haug for her wonderful production of the video which expresses our gratitude to #Japan.
A special THANK YOU to all those who have supported the project in one way or the other: Irene BaderDMG MORIMaike Roeder, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Natur- und Völkerkunde Ostasiens, Friedrich-Ebert-StiftungPhoenix GroupJapanisch-Deutsches ZentrumDr. Claudia MayfeldKnorr-Bremse AGSonja SemenAUDI AG and all others.

We invite you to watch the videos and join us in understanding the important role of gender diversity in engineering. Support these insights by sharing the video.

7 Steps to Successfully Achieve Goals

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goal setting

Positive conversational skills


Alliances & networks

Planning & flexibility

reality check

celebrate achievements

Strategic leadership under new circumstances

Atrium of Wolfsburg AG

In the Braunschweig-Wolfsburg-Celle region we want to promote dialogue between Protestant leaders and those responsible from the world of work and church through ethical orientation and professional exchange. At different locations we talk about actively shaping daily challenges.

We were pleased to discuss helpful and practical approaches to good leadership at a cooperation event on September 13, 2023 together with the Volkswagen Management Association (VMA), Wolfsburg AG, the IHK Lüneburg-Wolfsburg and the Christians in the Automotive Industry Network were allowed to discuss in companies and organizations.


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Case study 1

Case study 2

event video


Business Coaching

7 Steps to Successfully Achieve Goals


Turn challenges into success stories


Coaching as part of an EU project

Haug and Osnes
Strategies for overcoming barriers in women's careers
Agency as autonomy and authority-building courage (👉 read more)

Haug and Osnes in Le Loarne-Lemaire, S., Brush, C. G., Calabrò, A., & Maâlaoui, A.
Introduction to Women, Family and Family Businesses Across Entrepreneurial Contexts. In Women, Family and Family Businesses Across Entrepreneurial Contexts (pp. 1-11). Edward Elgar Publishing.

Haug, M. und Zimmermann, M.
Coaching as part of an EU project. With team and individual coaching to success. (👉 read more)

Osnes, G., Hök, L., Yanli Hou, O., Haug, M., Grady, V., & Grady, J. D.
Strategic plurality in intergenerational hand-over: Incubation and succession strategies in family ownership. Journal of Family Business Management, 9(2), 149-174.

Haug, G. and Haug, M.
The ChampRoutine: - more energy, more joy, more focus.(👉 read more)

Zimmermann, M. and Haug, M.
Successfully Setting up WiBEC Participants for Tomorrow’s Leadership Challenges via a Tailored Team Development Process. Paper presented at ISMICT 2019, Oslo.

Osnes, G., Uribe, A., Hök, L., Yanli Hou, O., & Haug, M.
Autonomy and paradoxes in family ownership: case studies across cultures and sectors. Journal of Family Business Management, 7(1), 93-110.

Haug, M. and Osnes, G.
The Hidden Diversity of Successful Family Firms (👉 read more)

Osnes, G., Grady, J., Grady, V., Haug, M., Hök, L., & Hou, O. Y.
18 Drive in family capitalism. Family Capitalism: Best Practices in Ownership and Leadership, 184.

Osnes, G., Grady, J., Grady, V., & Haug, M.
Drive in family capitalism: integration of emotions and strategizing. In Family Capitalism (pp. 202-213). Routledge.

Haug, M. and Burgoyne, J.
Disperse leadership for change. Action Research in evolving leadership and management effectiveness. In: Fleming, K. ed. 8th Developing Leadership Capacity Conference. London, 12-14. July, 2016.

Haug, V. M.
1. Impulses for career coaching of female executives. (👉 read more)

Haug, M.
The coaching of female challengers in the 21st century. In coaching as an individual response to social developments (pp. 247-254). Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden.

Haug, M. in Osnes, G. (Ed.).
Family Capitalism: Best practices in ownership and leadership. Taylor & Francis.

Haug, M. and Hutfless, J.
The correlation between coaching interventions and team effectiveness (👉 read more)

Haug, M.
What is the relationship between coaching interventions and team effectiveness. International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring, 5, 89-101.

Specific examples: automotive industry

Knorr Bremse

Knorr BremseKnorr Bremse


Specific examples: pharmaceutical industry / medical technology

Ovesco AG

For me as a project manager of a medical technology company, it was an extremely instructive and meaningful time that I spent with Ms. Haug within the framework of the European network project and I thank her deeply for her support and commitment in advancing me within the framework of the project and throughout “Win-Win “Creating situations. These were not only important for me as a person, but also made the company Ovesco AG shine.

Mrs. Mona Haug enjoys my fullest appreciation as an experienced coach, competent consultant in strategic planning, complex issues and for individual and team coaching.

read fully recommendation (PDF)

Dr. Zimmermann

project manager

EU-Project WiBEC

The WiBEC (Wireless In-Body Environment) project (http://www.wibec.eu) is funded by the European Commission, H2020-MARIE Skodowska-CURIE ACTIONS (MSCA-ITN-2015) and coordinated by Prof. Dr. llangko Balasingham with a budget of €3.957 million.

The WiBEC project’s supervisory board was very satisfied with the results of the workshop and plans for continuing the collaboration with Mona during the WiBEC project.

read fully recommendation (PDF)

Prof. Dr. Balasingham & Dr. Zimmermann

Project coordinator / project manager

Specific examples: mechanical engineering

Komet Brinkhaus GmbH

Through consistent analysis of the facts, advice on structural changes and improvements in communication as well as implementation of team building and individual employee coaching, Ms. Haug makes a significant contribution to the fact that I was able to lead the team to new successes.

Ms. Haug has my fullest appreciation and recognition. I recommend her as a very competent, experienced consultant and coach for executives, individuals and teams.

read fully recommendation (PDF)

Dr. - Ing. Brinkhaus

CEO Komet


Ms. Mona Haug has everything you could wish for from a very good trainer: well-founded specialist knowledge, targeted teaching methods and a rousing enthusiasm for learning. She quickly thinks her way into situations and absorbs new things, so that the lessons are always exciting and based on real needs.

It’s just fun to work with her.

read fully recommendation (PDF)

Dr. - Ing. Hutfless

Head of department

Specific examples: Political & non-profit organizations


Miss Dr. Haug and the VDI network “Women in Engineering” have worked together excellently in various working groups and events throughout Germany since 2016. Her contributions, which include panel discussions, keynote speeches and process support, are always of high quality and offer clear added value.

Miss Dr. Haug is an excellent sparring partner and has an impressive ability to put her experience and expertise into practice.

read fully recommendation (PDF)

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wieneke-Toutaoui

Chairwoman of the Board of Directors Network Women in Engineering

Specific examples: Transport & Logistics

DB Engineering & Consulting

With the culture and system analysis she presented, Dr. Mona Haug has provided us with a scientifically developed and empirically proven basis for confirming but also relativizing our theses in relation to causes and people.

read fully recommendation (PDF)

Bettina Stein

Head of Finance / Controlling

Our most important major project with a total value of €3.2 billion was in serious trouble. The project management seemed overwhelmed, the team was shattered, insecure and without any motivation.

Now what is it that Dr. makes Mona Haug so special? In addition to her excellent technical expertise, she has an extraordinary ability to perceive people, their environment and their interactions.

read fully recommendation (PDF)

Matthias Grabe

Speaker and Head of Sales & Production

DB Netze AG

Of course, such a comprehensive development program offers numerous points of attack and is not immediately supported by all employees. Thanks to her high level of competence, Ms. Haug was able to take away the fears and resistance of the team members and achieve successful implementation work with everyone involved.

Ms. Haug has my fullest appreciation. I can highly recommend her as a contact person for complex issues.

read fully recommendation (PDF)

Udo Schillings

Head of Human Ressources

Specific examples: universities / colleges


Life coaching class 2019/2020: German University for Health and Sport, Berlin

University of the West of England, Bristol

Mona is a talented, passionate researcher with extensive leadership and management experience gained through her career as a professional executive coach. She is also highly competent in the use of a range of research methods (including visual and creative methods), which she has not only deployed within her PhD studies but is also actively drawing on to support her wider research and professional coaching interests in the field of mainstream gender studies and leadership development.

I truly believe that Mona’s passion, integrity and academic excellence will be a great asset to your institution.

read fully recommendation (PDF)

Dr. Schedlitzki


University of the Federal Armed Forces, Hamburg

I have had deeper insights into the personality of Mrs Haug, her problem solving skills and her personal stamina. With regard to the insights I have gained I have noticed that Mrs Haug is an exceptionally quick learner. She is easily able to understand and organize highly complex contexts and develops solution perspectives based on that.

Furthermore, it became obvious that Mrs Haug possesses the ability to put her new insights with lots of energy and endurance into practice.

read fully recommendation (PDF)

Prof. Dr. Harald Geißler

Professor at the Helmut Schmidt University

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